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Oh boy. Here is John-Roger going right to the heart of the human matter and pointing to the very human behavior that gets us all into so much trouble. “As soon as you let anything aggravate you, and you react to that,” J-R says, “it wins. Now if you get angry at your spouse….and you react out of anger, resentment, neglect, the moment you give energy into that is the very moment you fall. …and your reaction is the very thing they’re using to control and manipulate you. Have you noticed that?” 

Well, the title and contents of this seminar offer the way out. And every one of us could use J-R’s encouragement to move into the spiritual state called observation. Here’s how.

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Throughout this seminar there is a quiet intimacy, such as when J-R says so beautifully, “In the energy when we are going up and the energy of God essence is coming down, we meet. And in that moment, grace becomes a part of our beingness. God becomes a very personal, direct, revelatory experience.”  This clear, entertaining, sweet and profound seminar takes another step in teaching us that to commune with God, we’d best have the courage to admit our faults. J-R says it like this, “It’s spiritual to take out garbage, friends, to take steps to change our bad habits, and then give it up and live in the Loving of the Christ.”



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