VIDEO Part 1: How Do You See The Face Of God?

If you are one of those folks who are yearning to see the face of God, this seminar will support you because in it, John-Roger points to ways the negative powers on the planet work to keep your feet firmly here. Don’t you want to know what gets in the way? and then, how you can actually experience the face of God?

J-R begins the seminar with a letter full of thoughts from a new MSIA Initiate, which leads him to recount his experiences of having cars stolen from him — one of them right under his nose. His point is that when car #1 was stolen, he got angry. By car #3, it became funny. In light of our desire to see the face of God, J-R uses these stories to say “We must start giving up this level. When we begin entering into the spiritual realm of consciousness, then we are becoming that responsible creator. Believe me, you should let everything go on this planet… everything. Of course, we can use what is present; it is here to be used. But we must always maintain mental dominion over our own beingness at all times.”

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