VIDEO Part 1: J-R Talks To Teens

This is a wise seminar for every teenager and every parent, too. In it, John-Roger tells stories from his own youth to illustrate his message for teens. J-R’s earthly parents were strong people who held clear boundaries for their children.  One of his stories starts this way, “I remember one night I started to go out someplace and my Dad flipped me a dime. I caught it, and I said ‘What’s that?’ He said, ‘It’s a dime.’  I said, ‘Yeah?’  He said, ‘Well if you get in trouble, call the district attorney.’  I still have the dime to this day; I still have it. I wasn’t about to use it because that meant I was in trouble. And I figure, there are a lot of experiences in life that I can have without going through trouble experiences.”

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