VIDEO Part 2: Keys To Liberation

Here’s that enlightening Marilyn story. “Years ago, when I was pretty young,” J-R says,  “we had a Marilyn Monroe type in our town — not that I’m saying that Marilyn Monroe was bad. One day the lady was walking down the street as my mother and father and I were in the car. I looked at her I said, ‘Are her ankles broken?’  My dad said, ‘No son, she’s just got a swing.’  My mother said, ‘And you stay out of it or you’ll fall out and break your neck.’ ”

J-R continues, “I was completely naive on some levels and I didn’t know the lady was advertising. But my mother spoke the ultimate truth, ‘Stay out of it; you can’t handle it.’  I’ve since extrapolated that statement to other situations in life. It is the ability to recognize the things you’re dealing with, what you’re working with, and then the wit to say, ‘I’d like it but I can’t afford it.’ “

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