VIDEO Part 2: Loving Connects Us To The Mystical Traveler Consciousness

In Part 2, and throughout this seminar, J-R outlines the most basic teachings of MSIA, including information about the mechanisms of our unconscious, our subconscious, our mind and habits. In addition J-R speaks of each person as having potential as a powerful creator of their life, for better or worse. Then he shows us what makes studying in MSIA different from other pursuits: that which we refer to as the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. “It’s identified three ways,” J-R states, “through strength, energy and power….which in one word, is Loving.”

This is a rich seminar, full of direct information about how we can turn to the Light and live in Loving. And as J-R says, “Don’t just believe what I’m saying; check it out.”


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