VIDEO Part 2: The Kingdom Of Heaven Is A Vibration

In part 2 of this seminar, John-Roger likens the Kingdom of Heaven to the way a computer operates, starting with a tiny dot inside your awareness that has the potential to open to endless worlds (kingdoms!) of information. “You go to a point,” he says, “and it opens. And in there now you’ve got a whole different screen. You go, ‘Wow, this is all new. What do I do now?’ Look around to find the point that opens the next thing.”

The best thing of all, in this seminar J-R gives us a precise procedure for going to the tiniest dot within our being, and for moving into the expansion of Spirit from there. “The Kingdom of Heaven is a vibration rate,” he says, “not a location. If you go too fast you zip right through it, not knowing you were there. Take your time because within, you can trust that there is plenty of abundance from God. You can’t have it all in this world but in the inner worlds you are it all.”

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