VIDEO Part 2: The Path Of The Spiritual Warrior

In part two of this amazing seminar, another questioner asks, “What is asking in the name of Christ?” And J-R’s response is all-encompassing, “If we could say ‘in the name of loving’ or if we could say ‘in the name of oxygen’ or ‘in the name of sunlight,’  I think there would be nothing but absolute unity amongst all of us. But I don’t think the planet is set up far that. I think the planet is set up for inquiry into things.” He continues, “But I think if we were to take the word ‘Christian’ and take away the behavioral aspects of the past and take away Judaism, we would probably have God living and walking amongst us in a radiant form and maybe that would be all of us and we would all feel the vibration of all that. That to me just gives me goose bumps. Just to even consider that possibility.”

Your own questions may well be answered in this fascinating seminar.



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