John Morton

John Morton - Spiritual Director MSIA

John Morton – Spiritual Director MSIA

With warmth, loving, and a unique ability to see the blessings in all things, John Morton, Doctor of Spiritual Science (D.S.S.), regularly travels throughout the United States and the world to promote peace and support people in finding the good in everything regardless of any challenges.

Dr. Morton is the current Spiritual Director and past President of the non-denominational Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. As part of his ministry he has traveled extensively around the world facilitating programs in support of spiritual awareness, peace, and charitable causes. Along with his colleague, John-Roger, John has also led numerous groups of up to 150 people through journeys focusing on the study of peace and spiritual awakening in Israel, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Greece and many other countries.

John provides interviews for radio and television, conducts seminars, and facilitates workshops as well as monthly live webcasts via streaming video and audio. Topics include Spiritual Awareness, Loving Relationships, Finding Peace in Today’s World, Exploring Spirit in Everyday Life, The Power Within You, and The Blessings Already Are. John’s presentations help people find ways to experience greater love and peace in the midst of global issues and the challenges of daily living. John often responds to questions from people in live audiences as well as those connected around the world via the Internet.

His books, The Blessings Already Are and You Are The Blessings, are both practical and inspirational guides to finding the blessings in everyday life.