That Which Is is presented by MSIA, the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness – a movement dedicated to awakening the spiritual heart within each of us. John-Roger DSS and John Morton DSS

In part 2 of this seminar, J-R explains how the inner power can move through and ahead of us and how this power attracts more power. He also explains the danger of power without love and how to find the balance between power and love within you.

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In this seminar, J-R speaks about the inner and outer power. When J-R speaks about a particular subject, he often evokes the essence of that subject in the recording. For those who allow it, the power of this AWARENESS may be experienced while listening to the seminar.

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In part 2 of this seminar with John Morton, John uses math as a useful metaphor for God’s working with us, and to that end he says, “…if you want to know what we’re doing, if you do what we’re doing, you will be deeply encouraged because that’s what happens when you move the spirit. It brings courage. It brings strength. It brings the Light. It brings what you’re looking for.” Maybe what you’re looking for is in this tape. Now isn’t that encouraging?

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This seminar with John Morton covers a lot of ground and seems almost like several complete talks in one. It starts with John discussing how the Traveler energy works with him. Then it moves to his commentary on a letter from someone who discovered MSIA and started checking it out. John’s comments are particularly interesting and helpful in gaining perspective about what really goes on with what MSIA is about and what those involved are doing.

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