MSIA, the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, offers an approach to living that focuses on how to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life, not as a theory, but as a practical reality. We call it ‘practical spirituality.’ MSIA provides a variety of workable keys and techniques to assist people, regardless of their background, in their quest for greater understanding of who they are and their relationship with God.

One of the basic concepts of MSIA is that each person walks his or her own path home to God. However, there are techniques and signposts that can assist all of us to make our journey easier, simpler, and certainly more filled with happiness and joy.

MSIA teaches Soul Transcendence, which is becoming aware of oneself as a Soul and, more than that, as one with God. Students in MSIA work with the Mystical Traveler, a spiritual consciousness that exists throughout all levels of God’s creation. It resides within each one of us and is a guide into the higher levels of Spirit, the greater reality of God. The Traveler can assist a person in clearing karma (balancing past actions), and its work is done inwardly, on the spiritual levels.

Legally recognized as a church, MSIA has no formal membership, dues, rules, or regulations. The real ‘movement of spiritual inner awareness’ takes place within each person, and the organization exists only to support people in expanding their awareness of the Soul and God. MSIA is nondenominational, and study in MSIA is often compatible with other religious faiths. Students in MSIA read the MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses as their basic study. Those who are interested in furthering their spiritual awareness can apply for initiation after at least two years of study. For those who know that service is important in their lives, there is an MSIA Ministry.